Wheel art, also known as spindle art and whittling, is an ancient pastime. Whittling is a traditional hobby for centuries and even in the 21st century people still enjoy whittling. It is a great way to spend time and let your creativity run wild. It offers a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance once you’ve finished a project.
Many artists love the combination of color, pattern, and geometry. And Germans have a particular knack for creating works of art using wheels, spindles, and other precision-crafted tools. The art form is known as “German wheel art” and it is extremely popular in Germany as well as other European countries.
If you’re looking for a fun pastime, whittling may be the perfect hobby for you. It doesn’t require much skill or expensive materials. You can create beautiful pieces of art in just a few minutes. In this article, you will find all the information you need to get started whittling, from essential whittling supplies to whittling designs.

What is German Wheel Art?

Wheel art is the art of creating small sculptures from wood, plastic, and other materials using a spinning wheel. It is a popular hobby in Germany as well as Scandinavia and northern Europe. There are three primary tools used to produce German wheel art: the spindle, the crank handle, and the blade. These tools are held together to create a spinning device that holds the material being whittled. The spinning tool can be made of wood or metal with a variety of blades or spindles that come in various sizes and shapes.
When you’re done creating your masterpiece, you can add color to it by submerging it into water or oil paint. You may also choose to burnish your pieces over time to further enhance the design.

The Benefits of German Wheel Art

German wheel art has many benefits. It is a relaxing, creative pastime and it can be enjoyed by anyone. You don’t need any special skills or materials to create your own beautiful whittling projects. You can also make one-of-a-kind pieces of art that you can gift to friends and family as well as sell in shops or online.
Whittling can also help with stress relief. When you carve something out of wood, metal, or stone, you release tension and become more focused. Whittling offers an opportunity for reflection and self-reflection which is beneficial for mental health in times of stress. It’s also a fun activity to share with friends and family members.

Whittling Supplies

The first thing you need is a wheel. You can find these at many hobby, craft, and toy stores.
Next, you will need the materials to make your project. Typically, whittling projects involve creating patterns with different colors of wood or metal shavings and it may also involve carving designs in the wood or metal with a knife or other tool. Some artists also use sandpaper and a file to create intricate patterns.
The following are some tools that are commonly used by artists who practice German wheel art:
a knife
an awl (a kind of long needle with a handle)
a spokeshave (for smoothing the edges of the wood)
a square (to round corners on your work)
and wire cutters

Whittling Techniques

There are many different techniques available for you to use when whittling. Some of the most popular techniques include:
– Slicing – Using a blade to slice at the wood, creating a pattern or design in the process
– Drilling – Holes in the wood slowly but precisely
– Carving – Creating patterns and shapes with a knife or chisel

German Wheel Art Designs

There are many different designs you can create with whittling. Some ideas include flowers, hearts, and other geometric shapes. Your creativity is the only limit of what you can create. There are also rules in the German wheel art convention that will help guide you to creating a work of art that is accepted by your peers and appreciated by viewers.
The design should be symmetrical, with the same elements on each side of the spindle. The design should not have any holes in it, or it will dilute the value of the piece.
However, there are some exceptions to these rules. You may use circular forms or have a darker background than foreground if it enhances your design’s effect.


Whether you want to whittle your own unique design or you want to make a gift for someone special, German Wheel Art is the simple and fun activity for you!

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