Wondering how the Love Me Knot actress manages to always look fresh and stylish? Well, it’s not as hard as you think! You see, Amber Heard is not just a wife but also a wife to a former Vogue model. Her husband, Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is no stranger to style either. The two of them are married and they have two kids together. They live in Australia which means they literally spend most of their time outdoors. Add all those up and you get a pretty good snapshot of exactly what the captivating beauty has to do with her impeccable style.
Amber Heard’s casual court outfit looks are so effortless and refreshing that they make you ask yourself “how did she do that?” Some of these looks feature clashing colors — from blue sweaters to green dresses — but somehow everything works perfectly together. Let’s take a look at some of her best court outfits that will leave you asking yourself “how did she do that?”

The black dress with a pop of color

Amber Heard is not afraid of color and she makes sure to incorporate it in her outfits. One of the best examples of this is this black dress with a pop of color that she wore during a party in New York City. Amber isn’t afraid to mix colors so this look features a pretty deep blue tunic paired with a purple pencil skirt and green tights. Amber accessorizes the look with a deep red scarf, which brings all the colors together. This court outfit looks amazing and you’ll be wondering how she managed to pull off an outfit like this without any effort!

The clashing sweaters

and dresses
One of the most interesting looks from Amber Heard was when she wore a green dress with a blue sweater. The look is simple and it’s also super chic!
Amber Heard has a lot of other court outfits that are just as simple as this one. She’s even been known to wear looks that are solely in black and white. This can be seen in this photo of her on the red carpet.
Another look she wore, which was eyebrow-raising, is in the form of a blue dress with a black sweater. The contrast between these two colors is so captivating, especially paired with those black heels!
Finally, we have to mention her red dress with the yellow sweater. If you weren’t already convinced you should watch her movies and TV show, this picture will surely make you change your mind!

The white pants and green jumper look

Amber Heard has worn this look many times on the red carpet. The jumper is also a bit longer in length which gives it a casual, yet chic vibe. This look is perfect for those who want to wear something that isn’t too dressy but still looks put together.
It makes sense that Amber Heard would be able to pull off outfits like these considering her husband’s style expertise. Johnny Depp has always been on top of fashion trends and he’s passed down his knowledge to his amazing wife, who we are sure will no doubt keep her cool during all the upcoming fashion weeks.

The cozy plaid frock

If you want to look like the charming country girl, then you need to try wearing a blue plaid shirt. It’s casual and cozy but also looks chic with a pair of jeans. The unique fabric of the shirt gives it a vintage feel which is why you will want to wear this outfit on all your outdoor adventures.
The bright yellow coat
This yellow coat is not just stylish but also practical because it keeps you warm when the weather gets chilly. You can wear this outfit during all seasons except for winter. But if you are brave enough and like the idea of looking fashion forward in cold weather, then go for it!
The slouchy cardigan
Although this cardigan might be short in length, it’s long in style. This light brown color complements your fair complexion and adds warmth to your body during colder days. Just make sure that your pants don’t show too much skin or else people might mistake you for a hobo!

The dazzling red frock

The first outfit that comes to mind is the red frock. It’s a classic color combination that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for when you want to wear a dress but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a dress!
The red color is paired with navy blue and white stripes that make the whole outfit pop. Plus, it features an asymmetrical design with a flattering V-neckline, making it super easy to pull off.

Amber Heard’s most stylish court outfit ever?

This is Amber Heard’s most stylish court outfit ever. The actress wore a blue sweater with some green jeans and a mint green hoodie that gave her court look just the right amount of edge. The khaki color, in general, looked pretty glowing on the starlet.

Final Words

Amber Heard’s looks are so effortless and refreshing that they make you ask yourself “how did she do that?” She has rocked some amazing outfits that have won her many fans.

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