The 2014 Boston Marathon was the first time that the course included a certified and marked women’s-only section. The response was incredible with many female runners breaking the previous course record. Over 11,000 women ran in this inaugural event; nearly half of all registered runners. With more than 10,000 people on the starting line, spectators were treated to an unforgettable finish as two men battled it out to break the tape first. The overall winner was Saudi Arabia’s Abdul Wahab Ghany who finished in 2 hours 27 minutes and 20 seconds. However, not every runner finished in that time, with some finishing well over 3 hours later. For example, three women broke the previous world-best by almost seven minutes: Abdirahman Haji of Ethiopia (2:20:18), Yasmin Alibhai of New Zealand (2:21:41) and Desiree Hennessy of Ireland (2:21:42).
Breaking a Marathon Record Is Not Easy
Breaking a marathon record is not easy for several reasons. First, you are running against one or more other marathoners who have ran the same distance before you have. Secondly, there may be certain vices or habits that might slow you down such as smoking or drinking alcohol prior to your run which can leave you tired and even dehydrated. Running slowly for a prolonged period also has a negative effect on your muscles which makes it harder to run at your full potential speed afterwards; especially if you

How to Break a Marathon Record

One way to break a marathon record is to train for it. You have to make sure you are in shape for the race and that you have run plenty of miles. You also have to use your head during the race; know when to slow down and when to speed up, or else you might be slowed down by other runners who are not as fast. Another way is to use regular tools in your arsenal like drugs or steroids which can help you break a marathon record as well. Though these methods might seem unfair, they are just another way of breaking a record that is available for those who want them.

Increase your speed

The first step to breaking a record is by increasing your speed. You should be able to walk up to the starting area and run with relative ease without feeling tired or out of breath. This takes some practice but try to maintain a consistent pace from start to finish. It’s also important to avoid walking during the race as this can break your momentum and cause you to slow down.
It’s hard for anyone, male or female, to break a marathon record. Although there are certain habits that could help an individual break a marathon record, it still requires more than just effort, time and dedication.

Improve your running form

If you want to break the course record, then it’s worth putting in a lot of time and effort into improving your running form. This means that you should keep your body aligned with proper posture, land on your midfoot rather than the heel, minimize your stride, and plant on the ground with each step.
There are also many other factors that can help improve your run such as stretching prior to running as well as wearing specific gear during a run. With all these things combined, you will be able to break the marathon record even if you’re not in the perfect shape or training for it.

Take care of your body before and after the race

Before you run, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate your body with plenty of water. Then, after the race is over, get some rest.

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Stay motivated and excited for the race day

If you don’t already have a race goal, it can be hard to keep running. You might feel like you’re not going fast enough or that the record is out of reach. It is important to stay excited and motivated for marathon day because it will help keep your body healthy and happy. If you suffer from self-doubt, set achievable goals that are still challenging. Another option is to join a running group in which everyone who runs together also encourages each other along the way.


Planning for the Boston Marathon is a tedious and time-consuming process, but it can be worth it for any runner who takes the time to study up on their training.
If you have no interest in training for a marathon, don’t worry—there are plenty of alternatives to running 13.1 miles. You could try cycling, or swimming, or even cycling as a way to train for the Boston Marathon. But if you want to be the first person in your family to break a Boston Marathon record, now is your only chance to work hard and reap the glory.

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