It’s been almost a month since Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed he is the father of a girl, and he continues to share photos of his daughter on social media. The news has been met with positive reactions and excitement, especially because of the sheer magnitude of Ronaldo’s profile. The Portuguese footballer has been one of the most prominent sports figures in the world for the last decade and is considered to be one of the best players of all time. The news is especially noteworthy because Ronaldo has always been very private about his personal life. However, his comments on the matter suggest that he is well aware of the public scrutiny that comes with having a child and the pressure it will place on his career.
The news may also suggest that Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, may be planning to get married in the near future.
That being said, the timing of this announcement makes it seem like a publicity stunt. In light of that, Ronaldo’s fans and detractors alike have been weighing in on the news, as well as the public scrutiny that comes with it. Here’s everything you need to know.

What does the news mean for Ronaldo’s career?

While the news of Ronaldo’s daughter was met with excitement and joy, it is worth noting that it came as a surprise to many. As such, it will be difficult for him to avoid public scrutiny and criticism. This risk may have been what prompted Ronaldo to make this announcement in the first place.
Another concern is whether he can still maintain his status as one of the best players in the world. It would be difficult for Ronaldo to compete at the level that he’s used to if he has a newborn taking up so much of his time.
But this doesn’t mean that Ronaldo hasn’t already made an impact on society. The news has been good for him financially, as well as socially.

Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez announced their daughter’s birth on June 29

The news was announced in a social media post, but before that, Ronaldo had taken to Instagram to share the first photo of his daughter. The photo was captioned “congratulations,” and it shows Ronaldo and his girlfriend holding their newborn daughter. The photo may suggest that they are planning on getting married soon.

The timing of this announcement makes it seem like a publicity stunt
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby News: Real or Fake and Why It Matters

Ronaldo posted a series of photos on July 3

That day, Ronaldo posted a photo of his daughter via Instagram with an explanation of her name. He wrote,
“Welcome to the world, my daughter! And what a world it will be!”
Unfortunately, it was in Portuguese and no translations were provided. It didn’t take long for Redditors to post their own translations of Ronaldo’s post. One translated “Welcome to the world, my daughter! And what a world it will be!” as “Welcome to the world, my child! And what a wonderful place it is!” Another said “Congratulations on your life’s happiness.”
The first translation seems like the most plausible one because it is in line with how Ronaldo would typically announce such news. It also suggests that he may not know how to speak English well enough or he has been advised against speaking publicly about his daughter’s name.
Another reason this could be considered suspicious is because Real Madrid are playing Barcelona in an El Clasico match on July 4th and Ronaldo was noticeably absent from all pre-match promotional events (which included his typically high-profile appearances). That led many to speculate that he might have been in hiding from reporters asking about his daughter prior to the announcement.
Regardless of whether or not this announcement is real, fans are still excited for Ronaldo and his daughter to grow together and watch her develop into a young sports icon like her father.

He shared another photo on July 6

On July 6, Ronaldo shared a photo of his daughter on Instagram with the caption “Gorgeous” and “Number 1 in my heart.” This is the second time he has posted a photo of his daughter online. In the last month, Ronaldo has been displaying pictures of his daughter on social media to share with fans while also posting other pictures that provide an insight into her life. He’s also been sharing behind-the-scenes shots from her birth.
On July 6, Ronaldo shared another picture of his daughter with Georgina Rodriguez as she looks at old photos of them together.
The timing and content suggests that this was another publicity stunt by Ronaldo and Rodriguez to gain public attention and get some positive feedback for their announcement about their daughter.

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions

Some people are applauding Ronaldo for being a good parent and showing the world that he is capable of caring for an infant, while others are calling it a publicity stunt to garner more attention.
The biggest takeaways from this news are:
– It’s important to be careful about negative reactions you might have towards your celebrity friends or family members.
– If you’re considering having a child, now is not the time for a pregnancy announcement as it could end up costing you professionally.
– With all the negative attention that comes with announcing your pregnancy in today’s day and age, think carefully about if it would be worth it.

Ronaldo’s comments on the matter

In an interview with the Portuguese media outlet A Bola, Ronaldo said “I make sure I’m not climbing up a mountain where there’s nobody at the top. I know what my responsibility is and what my limits are. At this moment I’m very happy to be a father.” As you can imagine, fans were eager to hear what he had to say on the matter.
Ronaldo went on to say that he and Georgina Rodriguez want their daughter to grow up in a normal environment and away from all of the attention she will inevitably get as his daughter.
The two also recently posted pictures of their daughter on Instagram, which has been met with various reactions from fans and detractors alike.

One fan wrote a long but highly positive post after the announcement

Another fan wrote a post that’s more of an opinion than anything else, but still addresses the hype surrounding the public nature of the announcement.
One comment on this post was from someone who is worried about Ronaldo’s daughter in light of the public scrutiny she will receive.

Ronaldo’s fans have weighed in on the announcement too

On the one hand, Ronaldo’s fans are ecstatic and supportive of the news. On the other, his detractors are questioning if this is an elaborate publicity stunt.
It’s not too soon to say whether or not this will be a successful move for Ronaldo. However, it seems like the Portuguese star knows what he is doing and has given himself plenty of time to become accustomed to life as a father before integrating it into his schedule.
Another issue is that Ronaldo does not have custody of his child yet. They share custody with Georgina Rodriguez and their daughter will remain in their home country until she turns 18 years old at least. This means that Ronaldo may have to leave Europe for a long period of time for them to complete the process of acquiring citizenship for their daughter.
The announcement also comes just after a very public divorce from ex-wife Irina Shayk, which was finalized in January 2018 and featured ongoing media coverage related to Shayk’s complex custody battle over their son, Milan (Ronaldo has full custody). The timing also makes it seem like this could be an attempt change tactics around irking Irina Shayk by making her miss out on her son’s first birthday party due to him being with his mother in Portugal (just like most children in European countries).
On top of that, there is no indication that he has been engaging in activities with Rodriguez outside of work hours or during time away from his other responsibilities on behalf of Real Madrid or Portugal so far–


It seems like a lot of people are curious about whether or not Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez actually welcomed a child.

A lot of fans and people in general are wondering if Ronaldo actually welcomed a child with Georgina Rodriguez. But, it seems that the two were able to keep this news a secret for a long time before finally announcing their daughter’s birth on June 29th.

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