Deebo Samuel, a 5’8”, 175-pound slot receiver, is one of the most interesting players in the draft. Since arriving at North Carolina State as a 5-star recruit, Samuel has always been a bit of a mystery. He didn’t pile up huge-receiving-records statistics. But with his combination of speed, shiftiness, and football smarts, he has always been a tough player to gameplan against. As a redshirt freshman, Samuel caught nine passes for 162 yards and two touchdowns. That was his only game against a Power Five opponent. At the end of his freshman year, he was suspended for the first two games of his sophomore season for violating team rules. He made up for lost time, catching 30 passes for 438 yards and five touchdowns in nine games. But more than anything, this was a case study on how a player can thrive in spite of external pressure. As a high schooler in Matthews, NC, Samuel was kicked off the football team for fighting. He transferred to Hillcrest High School, where he was again kicked off the team for fighting. He transferred again to Central High School, where he was finally allowed to play football. Aided by his father, Samuel was able to make the most of his opportunity, working his way up through the football ranks. His last stop before arriving at North Carolina State was at F.W. Webb High School, where he was named Mr

What is Deebo Samuel’s scouting report?

Despite being undersized, Samuel has good speed and quickness. He’s a very smart player who knows how to get open.

He’s not a great blocker and is not the most physical of receivers.

Samuel is a tough kid with some talent but he lacks polish as a route-runner and needs to improve his hands.

How has Deebo Samuel’s game evolved?

When Deebo Samuel arrived at North Carolina State, he was primarily a slot receiver. He’s gone from just an athlete to a complete player that can do a little bit of everything. He has the speed and moves to be dangerous on the outside, but also has enough size and strength to break tackles and make defenders miss in the middle of the field. As a receiver, Samuel is more than just a speedster; he’s also very tough to bring down after the catch.
Deebo Samuel is one of those players who is always moving forward. Now that he’s got four years under his belt, he’s coming into his own as one of the best receivers in this class.

Deebo Samuel’s versatility

Samuel is a physical player and has the speed to match it. He takes the ball away aggressively and makes big plays. And he’s also a terrific blocker. Samuel will struggle at the next level with his hands, but he’s a good route-runner with quick feet for someone of his stature. Samuel is not just about speed, though; he’s also a solid receiver and knows how to use his body to shield defenders from the ball.

Deebo Samuel: Agent of change

What makes Samuel such a compelling prospect

In the NFL, players are often defined by how they were raised. Deebo Samuel is a player who has been through a lot. His father was shot and killed when he was just 6 years old, and Samuel has gone to great lengths to support his family and pay him back for what he missed out on. He even took a job as a janitor at Central High School so that he could live close to the school year-round. This experience is part of what makes him such an interesting prospect in this draft. He may not have been the most prolific receiver or player in college football history, but his story gives him some unique perspective on life. If you’re looking for someone who can make an immediate positive impact in your locker room, then Deebo Samuel might be your guy.

Where will Deebo Samuel be drafted?

Right now, Samuel is projected to be drafted in the second or third round. However, if he runs well at the NFL Combine and impresses scouts, he could rise into the late first-round range.
His ability to make big plays on special teams would be a huge asset for any team. He also has great value as an outside receiver in terms of his route running and ability to win one-on-one matchups. This is a player that can help an offense get off the field quickly, while also being able to take over games with his receiving skills.

List of potential picks for Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel is a question mark in the draft. He hasn’t shown much at the college level, and his production is limited because of his role as a slot receiver. As a result, he’s not expected to be drafted high. That said, if he does enter the draft, there are some teams who will happily select him with their first pick.
The list below contains potential picks for Deebo Samuel should he choose to enter the draft:
1) San Francisco 49ers – 2nd round
2) Cleveland Browns – 3rd round
3) Philadelphia Eagles – 4th round
4) Tennessee Titans – 4th round
5) Baltimore Ravens – 5th round
6) Oakland Raiders – 5th round

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