After appearing in the 1981 movie “Splash,” Jennifer Grey’s star was on the rise. The teenager famously redid her image with a nose job. But, what happened to her nose after the surgery?

The “Splash” star had her nose job when she was just 18

It wasn’t all fun and games after Jennifer Grey, the star of the 1981 movie “Splash,” had her nose fixed. The teen was 18 years old when she had her nose job, which she originally got to redefine her image, but it also severely changed the way she saw herself.
It took a few years for her to get used to her new look and face. She was still struggling with self-image issues and questioning if people would still like her in this new form. As time went on, however, she realized that people were still accepting of her new-found beauty and couldn’t get enough of it. She even appeared on a reality show about the process of how celebrities change their looks with plastic surgery!
Jennifer Grey’s nose job is one example of how changing your appearance can help you achieve your goals. The procedure not only changed the way she looked physically but also helped her achieve success in professional acting and life in general!

Jennifer Grey after her nose job

Grey had her nose done when she was 17 years old. The surgery changed her life, but the results weren’t what she expected. Grey’s nose soon grew back and took away from the beauty that was once present on her face. After this, Grey decided to have a second nose job with better results than before.
If it hadn’t been for the first nose job, there’s no telling how far Grey’s career would have gone as an actress!

Grey struggles with depression

To make some extra money, Grey went on a tour with the pop group New Kids on the Block. But that promotion wasn’t everything she wanted it to be. In addition to feeling uncomfortable in her new body, Grey struggled with depression and anxiety.
Grey has spoken out about her nose job and how it created a lot of problems for her. But, despite the difficulties of getting through the day, she still loves herself because of the decision she made to change her image.
Additionally, Grey is not embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help when she needs it. She says, “I have had people say to me, ‘You know what? You’re doing just fine.’ I’ve had people offer me drugs and say, ‘Maybe this will help.’ And I don’t take them.”

Jennifer Grey’s nose job inspiration

It’s not a secret that actors and actresses who are in Hollywood are often introduced to surgeons for nose jobs. This procedure can help them achieve their desired look.
Jennifer Grey did not need a nose job, but she still went for it because she wanted to be able to breathe better and get back into movies more quickly. Her nose was completely redone with the use of a rhinoplasty and septoplasty. Her newest nose is smaller and flatter than her original one.
Grey’s new nose has been an inspiration after being done by Dr. Steven Hoefflin in Beverly Hills, California. She also had a recuperative period before returning to work and movies, as instructed by her doctor.
The actress is alive today because of her nose job!

How Jennifer Grey overcame her depression and self-confidence issues

Jennifer Grey’s nose job didn’t just change how she looked on film. It changed how others saw her and, in turn, how she saw herself. After the surgery, Grey openly suffered from depression and low self-confidence issues. However, after she made more professional appearances in films such as “Crazy People,” “Hocus Pocus,” and “The Addams Family,” Grey’s self-confidence soared back up to new heights. She also became a spokesperson for anti-drug campaigns and even testified before Congress on the dangers of teen drug abuse.

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Hollywood’s New Beauty Standards and the Aftermath of a Nose Job

Jennifer Grey is a perfect example of how Hollywood’s beauty standards have changed over time. After appearing in the 1981 movie “Splash,” her star was on the rise and she received multiple offers to appear in films and on TV. The teenager famously redid her image with a nose job at age 17 and, according to those who knew her, it had a huge impact on her life. But what happened to her nose after the surgery?
After examining Grey’s before-and-after photos and seeing how much her nose changed, one can see that it shaped up drastically. In fact, when you compare Jennifer’s before and after shots you can see that without surgery she would have been considered pretty homely by Hollywood’s standards! The actress opted not to get a rhinoplasty since she was still an attractive woman. While this might sound strange considering how much change there was in her face, it makes sense considering that the actress decided not to follow Hollywood’s new beauty standards.
This story is an excellent example of how people who are trying to conform to Hollywood’s beauty standards may end up becoming less attractive because they feel pressured into changing their natural appearance for approval from others. In other words, if someone changes their appearance too much or too drastically for society’s standard–which is constantly changing–they won’t be accepted by society as being beautiful anymore.

The Final Result: What Happened to Jennifer Grey’s Nose?

Jennifer Grey’s nose has a gorgeous new look. The actress underwent a rhinoplasty, or nose job, for the 1981 movie “Splash.” It was an instant success and helped her rise to fame. But, what happened to her nose after the surgery?
Now, her nose is perfect! She had reconstructive surgery on her septum and nares to help with breathing and sinus issues. Her nose has been revamped into a more organic-looking shape. Additionally, Jennifer Grey has undergone Botox treatments in recent years. So, it looks like she’s still looking great!

Tips for Avoiding a Nose Job Mistake

One major mistake many people make when undergoing a nose job is not asking for a second opinion. What if you were wrong about the shape of your nose and now regret your decision? One tip for avoiding this mistake is getting a second opinion from a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who specializes in rhinoplasty. You can also look online to find surgeons near you.
Another mistake that can happen with a nose job is over-restricting the nostrils. The nasal septum (the tissue that separates the two nostrils) should remain intact and not be cut, which will make it harder for you to breathe. But, sometimes surgeons will make a small incision between the nostrils so they can correct the shape of your nose more easily. In addition, over-restricting your nostrils will increase the chances that you’ll have problems breathing when sleeping at night because of pressure on your airway.
A final tip for avoiding mistakes with a nose job is making sure to keep track of what’s going on during the procedure and taking pictures after as well as before and after every step. This way, if something goes wrong with your surgery, you will know exactly what happened so you can resolve issues quickly.

Final Words: Is Nose Job Surgery Right for You?

The nose job surgery can be an effective way to improve your life and increase your self-confidence. But, it’s important to know that the outcome of a nose job is not always perfect. There are several possible risks associated with nose jobs, including infection and deformity of the new nose.
So, before you decide to get a nose job, make sure you take into consideration all the potential risks involved. You should also remember that if you change your appearance too much, it may create a social stigma for you in future relationships or professional opportunities.

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