Dwyane Wade has been through a lot in his life. From dealing with the loss of his mother to having to deal with the scrutiny of being a father and husband, Wade has had his fair share of challenges. But at every turn, he’s turned them into positives. And with that comes another positive addition to Dwyane’s growing family: daughter Zaya.
The NBA player and his wife Gabrielle Union welcomed their first child together in February 2018. Just like any other new parent, Wade is overjoyed by her sweet presence in his life. Read on for more details about Wade’s daughter… The baby girl was born on February 5, 2018 in Chicago and she was given the nickname “Zayaa” after Union said that she resembles African singer Wizkid’s sister Zayah even though Wade himself had no idea about the name beforehand . . .

How old is Zaya?

The baby’s full name is Zaya Dwyane Wade. But she also goes by Zaya to avoid confusion with other names in the family. It’s been documented that Zaya is 20-months-old and will be turning two on March 12, 2019.
Wade has been a perfect father from the beginning, he’s always had an open communication with his daughter and loves to teach her new things . . .

What does Zaya’s birth mean for Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union?

One of the most important things Wade and Union did after Zaya was born is that they made a commitment to be good parents. They promised themselves that they’d do everything they could to act as responsible and loving parents as possible. One way this has translated into action is by not letting their daughter’s name go public until she can go to daycare. That way, Zaya will not have to deal with the pressures that come with having a celebrity parent.

Zaya’s parents confirmed their relationship in June 2018

In June 2018, Wade and Union confirmed their relationship in an interview with ESSENCE.com.
Union said that she had spoken about her issues as a young woman before but never publicly, so it was important for her to share the news with people who might have understood what she was going through . . .

Zaya has a brother on the way

Wade is already a dad to three boys: sons Zion, Zaire, and Xavier. And now, he’s about to welcome another one with Union. But this new addition will be a sister for Zaya. The basketball player announced that their son would take the name “Kaden” . . .
Wade shares that Kaden is due in December, but he has no specific date so far. As for Zaya, she’s doing well. She was delivered by C-section after her mother went into labor at around 38 weeks of pregnancy. The baby girl weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces and is said to be healthy and strong . . .

What are Zaya’s first photos like?

As soon as Zaya was born, Wade took to social media to share her first photo. The picture showed the baby’s tiny hands and feet wrapped in a little pink towel with her eyes closed.
Zaya has the same dark skin tone and curly hair as Wade and Union, who is also African-American.
Wade’s dad, Dwyane Sr., told TMZ that his daughter was born at 8:30am on February 5, 2018.

The couple announced their second pregnancy in March 2019

The Wade family is growing again. Dwyane and Gabrielle Union, who welcomed their first child together in February 2018, revealed on Instagram that they are expecting a second baby girl. They shared the news with a cute snap of Union holding their new addition in her arms.
And the couple already has an idea of what the baby will be called . . .

Wade adopted his daughter from South Africa in January 2020

In January 2020, Wade received a call from a woman in South Africa who was looking to adopt a child. When she told Wade that the baby was his, he didn’t believe her at first. After all, it has been years since he and Gabrielle had talked about having children and they never discussed adoption before. But when the woman asked if he wanted to speak with the baby, Wade couldn’t help but get emotional.
Wade then called Gabrielle and explained what was going on. The couple decided to have their daughter and Wade adopted her from South Africa . . .

Is Dwyane Wade planning to adopt more kids?

Wade has said before that he would be happy to have more kids, but it’s unclear if they will join the family. Wade is still figuring out how his schedule will look in the future and whether there are any plans for him to adopt or have more children with Union.
The couple also have an older son Xavier and a daughter Heaven who was born in July 2017.

Final Words

While Dwyane Wade is a busy man these days, he still finds time to talk about his daughter and what a blessing she’s been for him. Wade says that whenever he’s feeling down, it’s always Zaya who cheers him up. And with twelve years between them, this is just the beginning of many more moments like this to come.

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