The number “420” might make you think of getting high, but it’s actually one of the most important dates for cannabis users. It also happens to be a Monday, which helps explain why this date is often referred to as 420. If you’re not familiar, 420 is a code used by growers and enthusiasts to talk about their plants. But the code also serves as a reminder that cannabis should always be enjoyed responsibly and in moderation. Commonly referred to as Weed Day or simply “420,” this day marks the time when marijuana was first consumed by humans. It’s also known as The Holiest of Holidays because many users celebrate it by smoking weed—or conversely, abstaining from it completely. So if all that sounds good to you—and if you feel like celebrating on April 20th this year— here are some ways to mark 420 and stay happy and healthy throughout the day:

Eat a balanced breakfast

Staying healthy isn’t just about pot, and honoring 420 should be focused on the day as a whole. Try having a balanced breakfast and make sure it includes protein, carbs, and fiber. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids!

Take a hot shower

The first thing that comes to mind is a hot shower. Some people use the time while they’re in the shower to meditate, while others just enjoy their time in the water. Either way, showers are one of the best ways to relax and unwind on 420.

Breathe deeply and meditate

If you’re not planning to partake in the marijuana festivities, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. You could try breathing deeply and meditating. This is an effective way to calm your mind and focus on your thoughts. You can also take a walk outside or listen to music that makes you feel good during this time.

Go outside and enjoy the fresh air

One of the best ways to celebrate 420 is by going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Many people enjoy smoking weed while they’re outside as it allows them to take in more of the natural world. If you can’t go outdoors, try to be mindful of what you do on this day, such as taking a walk or getting some fresh air indoors from an open window or door.

Celebrate with friends and loved ones

Celebrate 420 with friends and loved ones by catching up with them. Maybe you could go out for a coffee or walk around a local park. If you want to get creative, you could throw a 420 party.

Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery

Obviously you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you’ve ingested cannabis. But it’s not just the high that makes this a hard rule to follow; there are other reasons why you might want to abstain from heavy machinery. For instance, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand and may make your judgement impaired. As such, some people choose to not operate heavy machinery or drive after using cannabis for this reason.

Bottom line

Bottom line: It’s never too late to celebrate 420. Even if you’ve only smoked a single joint in your life, it’s never too late to celebrate the day. If you’re not sure what 420 means and you want to know more, check out this blog on the history of cannabis.

Celebrating 420 is important because it helps us stay happy and healthy throughout the day. By celebrating 420 we can enjoy something that makes us happy without feeling like we’ve done something wrong by getting high or smoking weed. In addition, if you’re celebrating with friends, you can connect with people who share your views on marijuana and have fun together with free food and drink!

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