You’re at a new city museum, and you’ve just spotted a particularly well-crafted exhibit. You want to know who designed it, and you can’t find any information about the exhibit’s creators.
You can’t go home yet, but you need more information. How can you find out who designed the exhibit? Here are some of the most common ways to find out who wrote the clue you need.

Check for a Specific Sign

If you can find the clue in a specific sign, such as one that says “Clue 1.1” at the entrance of an exhibit, then you can look up that number on the museum’s website to see who designed it.

Go to an Exhibition or Event

There are many types of exhibitions and events where you can find out who designed a particular exhibit. If you know the person or people behind the exhibit, they will be there to talk to you about it. You might also find out more information if you take a tour around the space.

Find Out Who Designed the Exhibit Online

There are many online resources available to help you discover who designed an exhibit. One of the most effective ways to find out who created a new artwork, poem, or other creative item is by looking for it on social media. Use your search skills and look for clues in posts made by people close to the exhibit’s designers.
There are also many resources that offer insight into artists and the work they do. Museums and libraries often have databases that include information about different artists, such as their website, social media profiles, and online portfolios. Additionally, some have online catalogs that can be searched by date or title.
Lastly, try searching through Google images with the keywords related to the exhibit’s creator. This can give you some insight into what type of content they create as well as where they may post their work online.

Ask Around

Ask around to see if anyone else knows the answer. If you ask a museum professional, they might know who designed the exhibit. If you ask a member of staff, they might know whether someone was in charge of designing the exhibit or not.
If you don’t find out from asking around, try looking at your surroundings for clues. For example, if there are any signs for an event or a public service announcement about the exhibit, it’s possible that it was created by the event itself or an organization associated with it.
If you have time to do some investigation on your own, try checking out databases such as Wikipedia and Google–these can give you more insight into any information you could be missing about the exhibit and its creators.
If all else fails, call over to customer service and ask them who designed the exhibit. They might know who designed it or they might be able to direct you somewhere where they can look up who did design the exhibit.

Use Google

First and foremost, you can use Google. Searching the word “who designed” will yield a variety of results, with lots of information about the design itself. You can browse through these sites to learn more about who designed it and what their philosophy was.

Help a Fellow Museumbber

One of the most common ways to find out who designed a museum exhibit is by asking the staff at that museum. It’s always worth it to walk up to the person in charge and ask them if they know who created the exhibit you saw.
If you don’t happen upon anyone in charge, you can also try visiting other museums nearby and asking them if they know who designed an exhibit you saw. You might be able to get some information this way.
Another way is by researching online. There might be an article or blog post about the exhibit that has some more information about its creator. If there’s no information about who designed it, check out social media for any images posted by a person who could have made it. Check out your local newspaper for any articles that mention which museum put on which exhibit, as well as any articles mentioning exhibits from past years in order to find more clues about who designed an exhibition you liked


How to find out who wrote the clue you need!

Use Google, ask around, or research exhibition or event to find out who designed the exhibit online.

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