Have you ever wanted to sneak an extra word in a game? Maybe you wanted to say something that wasn’t allowed, or maybe you just wanted to come up with a new word for a future Scrabble game. Whatever your reasoning, the best way to do this is by adding an airborne word to the mix. An airborne word is a word that’s not on the Scrabble board, but you can still use it during the game. How to make an airborne word is as simple as adding a prefix and/or a suffix to a normal word.
Let’s take a look at some sneaky airborne words that you can use in your games.


– ian
– icism
– nism

The first word is “sanity.” You can add a prefix at the beginning, an suffix at the end, or both to make “sanityism” which means insanity.


You can sneak in the word ‘er’ to make the word ‘sni-er’.


The word “sneaky-est” is a sneaky airborne word that you might use in your game. To make the word, you just need to add the prefix “s” and suffix “-est.”


sneaky-estion is a word that has an extra letter added to it. It can be made by adding an “e” to the end of the word “question.”


Simultaneously, you can add a prefix to a word that gives an extra meaning. For example, the word “sneaky” could become sneak-ied, which means something like hidden in a sneaky way. Or if you wanted to make a new word with the same meaning as “snitch,” you could create snitch-nique, which means something like someone who talks too much.


This is a word that you can use in any game where an airborne word could be used. It’s a sneaky word because it doesn’t appear on the board, and it sounds like as if someone might say “Sneaky-nessy.”


a sneckr


sneakiest: the most stealthy

How to play: Make a Scrabble word using these sneaky airborne words. (Hint: You don’t have to use all of them!)

Let’s start with the prefixes:
-An ārchive
-Am ārica
-E ēgle
-Ex am īne
-Ori ēgenous
-Suffixes: -An e te rra, -Im agin, and -Inte nte rre.

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