Kids are natural artists. They love to draw, paint and make crafts. If you have a kid who loves to craft, check out these animal-themed craft ideas for your child. Your child will have so much fun making these crafts that you’ll be surprised at the amount of time they will spend doing them. And the best part? The end result is going to be something that they will love to hang up and show off to their friends.
Homemade crafts are great because they not only give you a chance to spend quality time with your child, they also encourage creativity and help your child develop essential skills like patience and hand-eye coordination. With so many craft ideas out there, it’s not hard to find something that will keep your child busy for a long time. Here are some fun animal-themed craft ideas that your child will love:

Make a Trail of Animal Drawings

This is a great project for kids to do in the winter months. To begin, you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and paint. You can either use finger-paint or any sort of watercolor paints that you have. To make your trail of animal drawings, your child will need to draw a picture or design for each animal on their paper. You can help them by providing shapes and colors that are appropriate for the animal they are drawing.

Make a Rainbow Wall Art Print

If you’ve got the skills to paint, create a colorful rainbow pattern on a wall to brighten up your home. This is an easy craft that will allow you and your child to spend time together learning new skills.

Make a Butterfly Garden
If you have some leftover paper and tape, this project is simple and will make a beautiful addition to any room in your house.

Create Animal-themed Cards
To give your child’s creative mind a break, teach them how to create cards with animal themes. They can use the cards as unique party favors or party activities during game night.

Set Up a Play Kitchen with Craft Supplies

Have your child pick out a new toy to put the play kitchen together. You can also add in some fun accessories to make the kitchen look more realistic. Remember, if you were going to be spending quality time with your child this would be a good opportunity to get him or her involved in the kitchen set up.

Make a Play Sandbox

Your child is going to spend a lot of time playing with the animals in this project, so you need to make sure they have plenty of things to do while they’re waiting. One idea is a simple play sandbox that will give them something fun to do while they wait for the paint to dry on their craft.
The best way to make a play sandbox is by using paper plates. You can start by cutting paper plates in half and then glueing them together with cardboard or tape. Next, your child can arrange the pieces of paper plates into a circle or square and add in some fun objects like colorful blocks, rocks, and plastic toys.
When it’s ready, your child can use white glue or construction adhesive to glue on the different animal shapes cut from construction paper as well as small colored scraps of construction paper for different textures.
Start by gluing the front of one animal shape onto another animal shape and then continue gluing until you have all the animals in place. When it comes time to fill with sand, your child will be able to pick up a handful and pour it into the top layer of sand before covering it back up with more sand. Your little artist will love making this fun-filled DIY craft!

Make a Toy Train Set

Give your child a toy train set that he can use to create a fun and colorful world. You can even make it more exciting by adding some of the animals from the crafts.

Make a Play Scattershot

To make a Play Scattershot, you will need two sheets of paper, a couple of pencils, crayons and scissors. First, your child should draw a picture of the animal they want to create with the paper. Then, your child should draw words that describe their picture in their own handwriting. Next, cut out the pictures and the words from both sheets of paper. Finally, put all the pictures on one sheet and put all the words on another sheet and give each person a pile to search for their animal in.

Make a Toy Chest to Hide Toys in

Kids often have a hard time finding their favorite toys and putting them back in the right spot. The easiest way to solve this problem is by making a toy chest, which will make it easy for your child to find their favorite toys. But why stop there? You can also make this into an Easter basket or Christmas stocking!

Make a Sewing Play Mat

Your child will love this sewing play mat that is a fun way to spend time. You can make it with just a piece of fabric and some thread. It’s simple enough that your child can do the project on their own, but they might need some help with the scissors and needle.

Find Free Printable Craft Books for Animal Crafts

Making homemade crafts can be more complicated than you think, which is why it’s important to have a good DIY resource. There are plenty of craft books available in your local library or on the internet that will give you ideas for animal-themed crafts. If you don’t want to spend money on a book, check out the free printable books that are available online. You’ll find a wide variety of craft books and tutorials available for download at sites like Pinterest.
There are also tons of websites with free printables that are simple and easy to follow. If your child loves construction paper, then they will love the site where they can find everything they need to make their own paper crafts without having to try and figure out what materials they need first. They have tons of different animals from bears to lions and everything in between!
These printable animal craft books will give you ideas for what you can make with the supplies you already have on hand, so be sure to keep them nearby when your kids start telling you about their favorite animals and ask them what it would be like if they could make something from scratch!


Now that you know how to make a trail of animal drawings, it’s time to step it up and make a rainbow wall art print. The rainbow wall art print is perfect for a kid’s craft project.
If you need a little more inspiration, check out these kids crafts made from recycled materials.

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