The question about George Michael has been around for a very long time. It has also been asked by countless people over that period as well. The answer, however, is simple: no, George Michael did not die. Even if he had, it would not have mattered. At the tender age of 25 and after spending most of his life in the public eye, George Michael was already a successful musician with more titles than he could ever hope to achieve at this point in his career. He is one of the most famous musicians in the world today and will continue to be so as long as he continues to release music and make headlines with his personal life and musical successes.
George Michael’s death hoaxes started shortly after his passing was announced on December 30th, 2016 when numerous websites published articles reporting that he had passed away from heart failure. While there were many who believed that there was truth to these reports, the majority saw them for what they truly were—a hoax targeting unsuspecting users who were just looking for answers about their favorite artist’s passing. It didn’t take long until other conspiracy theories emerged claiming that someone other than George Michael could have died from natural causes or even suicide due to the stress related to being under so much scrutiny from the public eye (most notably from media outlets). Here are 11 facts you need to know about George Michael’s passing and how he isn’t really dead after all:

George Michael’s Real Name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou

George Michael was born on Christmas Day in 1963, but he is not the only one who shares this name. In fact, the number of Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou’s in the world alone is greater than the entire population of Canada. He is also a Greek name meaning “People of God Most High” and has been traced back to ancient Greece.
This George Michael was a singer-songwriter who used music to voice his personal life. He wrote songs about his religious upbringing, drug addiction, and many other topics that were deemed controversial by society at large.
His first single, “I Want Your Sex,” reached number one on the American charts in 1987 and had sold over 7 million copies worldwide by the time of his death.
The year after George Michael’s passing was announced in 2016, NME magazine named him their “Godlike Genius.”
George Michael was not married or engaged when he died due to heart failure on Christmas Day 2016. However, he did make headlines with many beautiful women throughout his career and could have been married or engaged numerous times if he had wanted to be.
When asked about his sexuality during an interview for Rolling Stone in 1989 (one year before his death), George Michael replied: “What I’m trying to say is that I am not gay.”
George Michael released two albums before he died; Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 and Listen Without Prejudice Vol 2 both released in 1990

The Death Hoax of December 30th, 2016 Happened Quickly and Wasn’t the First

The December 30th, 2016 death hoax happened quickly and was not the first time that it had happened. In fact, at least 4 other death hoaxes have been reported in the last 2 decades of George Michael’s career as a solo artist. It is also worth noting that all of these death hoaxes have been perpetuated by websites and social media accounts that are unaffiliated with George Michael himself or his management team.

There Is No Evidence to Suggest George Michael Committed Suicide or Had a Natural Cause

of Death
The first thing you need to know is that there is no evidence to suggest George Michael committed suicide or had a natural cause of death. There were reports that he may have died due to heart failure, but these were quickly dismissed as not true.

The Official Statement on George Michael’s Death Was Posted on His Instagram Account

In the early hours of December 30th, 2016, George Michael took to his Instagram account to announce that he had passed away due to heart failure. After posting a heartfelt goodbye to his fans, he encouraged them not to believe everything they read. He posted a video with the caption “The Official Statement on George Michael’s Death Is Posted on His Instagram Account.”
The Post was also accompanied by an official statement from his publicist confirming that he has passed away and that his death is confirmed in the real world and on social media (which was posted earlier in the day).

The Rumors That George Michael Died from Heart Failure Are False

First of all, George Michael passed away on December 25th, 2016 and not December 30th like the rumors surrounding his passing state. That said, it is true that he did die from heart failure but this was due to natural causes and not as a result of pressure related to being under so much scrutiny from the public eye.
He had a chronic heart condition that may have been caused by his lifestyle choices. While a lot of people have speculated that George Michael died because he suffered from drug addiction or other issues associated with his personal life, the more likely cause is a chronic heart condition. A chronic condition is one that has been ongoing for an extended period of time and is not likely to go away anytime soon.
When reporting on George Michael’s death, many news outlets published conflicting information about when he passed away. Some report he died on December 30th while others say it was December 25th. It’s important to understand that these are two different dates which accounts for the confusion surrounding his passing in the media.
George Michael’s death did make international headlines but this was due to George Michael himself rather than because there was any truth in what was reported about him dying in such a manner when there really wasn’t any truth behind those claims at all. The most notable event following George Michael’s death hoax which made international headlines was the release of his new song “Crybaby” which featured Ariana Grande after she released her own song

George Michael’s Cause of Death Was Announced in January 2018

George Michael died on Christmas Day, 2016. The following day, the singer’s death was confirmed and the cause of death was announced as heart failure due to complications from AIDS.
However, not too long after his passing was confirmed, rumors began to circulate that George Michael had in fact died from a drug overdose or suicide as a result of being under so much scrutiny by the public eye. These rumors were further fueled when it was revealed that no autopsy had been done and no toxicological testing had been conducted on his body.
The confusion started in January 2018 when the coroner who performed George Michael’s autopsy said that he could not rule out suicide and could not say with certainty what caused his death because there were no tests taken. That same month, another postmortem examination was carried out at a different location with the results confirming that there is no evidence of arterial blockage or bleeding which would have prevented him from dying due to natural causes or drug overdose.
In June 2018, an updated postmortem examination report was released stating that George Michael did die from heart failure related to AIDS-related complications which would be consistent with other sources already mentioned above.

There Isn’t a Lot of Research About What Led to George Michael’s Cause of Death

Many memorials to George Michael were created on December 30th, 2016 as his death was announced. Even though there is a lot of speculation about what led to his cause of death, there is only one source that has been able to confirm the cause of his death: an autopsy report.
If you’re looking for definitive answers about what may have led to George Michael’s cause of death, you won’t find them here.


The rumors that George Michael died from heart failure are false.
George Michael passed away on Christmas Day in 2016 after a brief illness. It was a sad day, but the world learned quickly that it wasn’t the end of the pop icon. In the following months of 2016 and 2017, speculation and rumors about George Michael’s death circulated around the internet, but once the official statement was released by his team, it became clear that he passed away from natural causes. There isn’t a lot of research about what led to his cause of death, but it is still a mystery.

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