When you look at the academic success rates of different colleges, it can be hard to know which ones are really worth your tuition money. You’re probably not going to get a degree from every school and majoring in something that will land you a high-paying job is smart too. However, if your college has great grad rates and low student loan default rates, it’s a good sign that studying there might pay off in the long run. That’s especially true for community colleges as they tend to offer lower tuition prices than their four-year counterparts and often have better transfer rates into baccalaureate programs once you finish college.
Poole Community College is one of the country’s top community colleges and offers plenty of value for the cost. It has an overall graduation rate of nearly 70%, much higher than the national average of 56%. Nearly three-fourths of the students who start their first year at Poole stay to graduate (with a bachelor’s degree). In addition, almost 80% of new grads find employment within six months after they finish their final classes—that’s also much higher than the national average of 74%. Like any other community college, however, Poole also has some areas where it could improve. For example, only 31% of students earn a proficiency rating on math or English literacy tests; that’s one point less than the national average for all two-year schools combined

What You’ll Study at Poole Community College

Poole is a good pick for students who are interested in specific programs, like education. It offers a wide variety of majors and minors that are able to lead directly into careers in fields like education (teaching or administration), business, and healthcare. There are also plenty of courses that will prepare students for transfer to four-year schools. For example, students who major in the sciences can study physics, biology, environmental science and chemistry at Poole with many of these classes happening on campus. And if you’re looking for something more career-oriented, you might be interested in taking classes that focus on accounting or finance.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Poole is an affordable option if you’re looking for a community college. It doesn’t have the highest tuition rates among four-year colleges and it has a lower-than-average cost of living. At only $1,179 per semester, the tuition fees are about half of what most universities charge for their first year courses.
For those who can’t afford to go to college without financial assistance, there are scholarships available. Poole has multiple scholarship programs that provide money for students who don’t qualify for federal loans, such as the Federal Work Study program and the Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program. Plus, the school offers grants or low interest credit card loans to students with financial need.

High Graduation Rate

Poole Community College has a high graduation rate and low student loan default rates. If you’re considering a community college that has a high graduation rate with low student loan default rates, you should consider the school.

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Low Student Loan Default Rate

Even with this low rate, only 2% of students default on their loans after they graduate. This is compared to the national average of 9%.
This means that your chances of getting a student loan paid back are much better than they would be if you went to a four-year school.
The low default rates also translate into less money for the schools to pay back if you do end up having to make payments. It’s likely that this is one of the reasons why these schools have such high graduation rates and low loan default rates.

Still Room For Improvement

Poole is still growing and in order to make sure it continues to do so, it needs to focus on improving its core.
For example, Poole needs to do a better job at providing students with the skills they need for jobs after graduation. This can be done through course offerings that align with high-demand industries such as information technology and health sciences. It’s also important for the college to continue investing in the research facilities at the campus in order to keep up with the latest developments in science and technology. As part of this process, Poole should also create an online resource center where students can find assistance throughout their studies.

Popular Courses Of Study At Poole Community College

Poole offers a wide variety of programs at various skill levels. The most popular are:
-Associate in Art or Science (AAS)
-Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
-Associate in Occupational or Vocational Nursing or Allied Health (AAN)
-Certificate in Fine Arts
-Certificate in Medical Assisting and Health Care
-Certificate in Nursing or Health Care
-Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
-Diploma in Child Development and Family Studies
-Diploma in Culinary Arts
-Diploma in Medical Assisting and Health Care

Where To Go After You Graduate From Poole Community College?

If you’re thinking about going to a community college for your first year or two, the best thing you can do is look up their transfer rates into baccalaureate programs. That way, you’ll know how many students from every major program (like nursing and business) to expect to see once you start your last year and whether or not they have a set amount of credits required for transfer. If you do decide on Poole, it would be smart to start planning which fields of study you might want to explore after graduating by looking at the school’s online portfolio or list of courses.

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