N ew Jersey is quickly becoming the marijuana capital of the United States. In February, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law legalizing cannabis for adult recreational use, making it the ninth state in the U.S. to do so. However, instead of adhering to federal laws on cannabis, New Jersey has taken steps toward making its own rules when it comes to weed.
With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many people are moving to live in this state—and not just because of all the delicious pizza and beer we get here too! With legalization on the horizon and more and more residents embracing what makes New Jersey so special, there’s never been a better time to call home base “Jerseylicious.”
Here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning to make New Jersey your new permanent home.

New Jersey is For Everyone

New Jersey is unlike any other place in the nation. From its cultural diversity to its beautiful nature, New Jersey is a welcoming home for all cultures and backgrounds. If you’re looking for a new beginning, it may be time to say hello to the Garden State!
New Jersey is also known for being an affordable destination that doesn’t skimp on quality. From incredible food and sports teams to a low cost of living, New Jersey offers lots of great things at competitive prices.

You Need A Prescription To Buy Weed

If you’re planning on hitting the dispensary in New Jersey, you should know that the process will be a little different than what you’re used to. You’ll need a prescription for weed from a doctor and then you can purchase your cannabis from a dispensary.
However, this doesn’t mean that recreational weed is banned in New Jersey. Just like alcohol, there are restrictions on where and when it can be sold—no public consumption or sales of marijuana allowed.

If You Grow It Yourself, You Need A License

If you want to grow your own cannabis, you will need a license. This license is not just for growing, though— it also allows you to sell your marijuana products. Unlike the federal government, which only recognizes the medical marijuana industry, New Jersey does more than simply recognize those businesses with a state-issued license.
If you’re thinking about joining the weed revolution and starting your own cannabis business here in New Jersey, make sure you know exactly what you need to do in order to get started.

There Are Only Two Types of Cannabis Products You Can Sell

in New Jersey
New Jersey will have just two types of cannabis products available for sale once recreational marijuana is legal. The only two products that can be sold in the state at this time are flower and cartridges. With these restrictions in place, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making a decision on where to live.
In terms of flower, there are four categories of cannabis flowers: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and Ruderalis. Indicas are indica-dominant strains that give people a “couch-lock” effect because they tend to make users feel more sedated. Sativas have less THC and more CBD when compared to other types of cannabis flower. Hybrids are form hybrids of sativa and indica type strains that offer benefits for your body and mind with a slight mix of both effects. And finally, Ruderalis is a cross between male cannabis plants and feral female plants that produce high levels of THC—but sometimes low levels of CBD.
For those looking for their preferred smokeless consumption method, cartridges have become more popular as the market has been flooded with vape pens and similar devices. Cartridges come in all different forms from waxes to oils; they can also be found with or without THC.

Marijuana Is Subject to the same Sales Tax as Alcohol

New Jersey is also a marijuana-friendly state in that it allows residents to purchase weed at the same rate as alcohol. This means you’ll pay the same tax on your purchase no matter where you live in New Jersey.

The Tax Is Going Up in 2019 – But Not by Much

The tax on cannabis in New Jersey is going up in 2019, but it’s not by much. The rate will go up from 6 percent to 10 percent and that means the person buying marijuana for recreational use would pay a higher tax.

The Legal Market Will Be Small at First

New Jersey is taking a cautious, measured approach to marijuana legalization. Just like alcohol, marijuana will not be sold in supermarkets or convenience stores for the first few years in order to avoid any potential legal ramifications. In the meantime, residents and visitors can purchase weed from licensed dispensaries as long as they have a medical card.

It Won’t be Too Long Before Locality Has an Effect on Prices

One of the biggest concerns people have about legalization is pricing. If cannabis becomes legal, it’s possible that prices could skyrocket.
Well, don’t worry too much! New Jersey has limited availability when it comes to marijuana and they are planning on making it even more restrictive. The state is imposing a cap on the amount of cannabis that can be grown in the Garden State at 25 million square feet and there will also be caps on the number of retailers selling marijuana. This will help keep prices down for consumers in New Jersey. When compared to other states, this makes New Jersey an affordable place to smoke up for some time!


As weed becomes more and more normalized, it’s becoming easier to get a hold of. But the Cannabis Tax in New Jersey is still a long way off and the legal market is still a little bit of a ways off. In the meantime, what can you do?
Since weed is still federally illegal, there are some things you need to know:
– You need a prescription to buy weed
– If you grow it yourself, you need a license
– There are only two types of cannabis products you can sell
– Marijuana is subject to the same sales tax as alcohol
– The Tax is going up in 2019 – but not by much
– The Legal Market will be small at first

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