As a child, Taylor Lorenz often wished she could be invisible so she could sneak into Nana’s sewing room or Nana’s secret garden. She never imagined that one day her wish would come true and she would be able to see what other people see, hear what other people hear, and feel what other people feel. In other words, she would have the superpower of invisibility.
Invisibility is the ability to hide your presence from other people. It’s also the ability to not be seen by other people. Taylor has the superpower of invisibility because she is an Episcopalian priest and she works with people who have the same superpower. When Taylor is working with someone who has a hidden problem, she helps them see the problem and work through it with the help of God’s grace. She also helps them see how they can live a life of justice and love in the world. Her specialty is working with people who have experienced sexual abuse.

What is a superpower?

A superpower is an ability that people have that they can use to make their life easier and to help them live a better and more successful life. Most people feel like they have a number of superpowers, but it’s not until something really bad happens in their lives that they realize that the superpower doesn’t matter without the grace of God.

Taylor Lorenz’s blog post: “What is a superpower?”
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How did Taylor get her superpower?

When Taylor was a child, she had an invisible friend named Cammy. Cammy happened to be in the same boat as Taylor: she was invisible. When it came time for religion classes, the class asked them to write down what they did on their summer vacation. Cammy wrote about her time at Nana’s secret garden and used “I” instead of “we.”
Realizing that there is something different about Cammy because she could see what others couldn’t, Taylor became curious and wanted to know more about her. Out of curiosity, she started asking questions that would eventually lead to the discovery of Cammy’s superpower. This discovery led Taylor to begin working with people who are invisible too, namely people who have experienced sexual abuse or have trouble seeing themselves as having worth and dignity.

How does she use her superpower?

According to Taylor, invisibility is a superpower that comes with the benefit of spiritual connection. When you are invisible, you feel like God is with you and your prayer changes from asking for help to trusting in God.
Invisibility is also an opportunity to see things from a different perspective and then use the information you gain to help other people. For example, she uses her invisibility to inspect people’s homes when they report domestic violence cases. She can see all of the evidence of a crime without being seen herself. With this, she is able to get as much information as possible about what happened.
When it comes down to it, invisibility allows her to care for others in ways that are unimaginable. It allows her to serve people in ways that not everyone is capable or willing to do because they don’t want anyone else knowing what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. Because of her superpower, she has been able to help children who were victims of sexual abuse and rape by encouraging them and giving them hope for justice in the world.

What is the difference between a superpower and a special skill?

Both a superpower and a special skill are unique talents given to someone. However, the main difference between the two is that a superpower is something that an individual can’t teach somebody else but a special skill can be taught by someone else.
There are many different types of special skills, including: music, cooking, or mathematics. The main difference between these skills and invisibility is invisibility is not something someone can practice over time but it takes natural abilities to have the superpower of invisibility.

How can we use Taylor’s superpower?

One way that Taylor uses her superpower is through her work with survivors of sexual abuse. She helps them see the problem in their lives and work through it with God’s help. By helping others see themselves, she helps them feel empowered and empowered to fight for justice in the world.
Another way that Taylor uses her superpower is by working with people who have invisible illnesses or chronic pain. With their help, she helps find healthy ways to feel better.
Others can learn from Taylor’s superpower, too. Her job is to help others see what they need to change in order to live a life of justice and love in the world. If you work at a nonprofit organization or a church, you can learn from how she fights injustice and builds community by living out her faith as an Episcopalian priest on a daily basis.

How does Taylor feel about her superpower?

Taylor is very grateful that her superpower allows her to help people. She loves the way it helps them see themselves as they really are. However, there are times when she doesn’t feel comfortable using it. For example, she doesn’t like having to use it with someone who has experienced sexual abuse or violence in the past. But even with those uncomfortable moments, Taylor feels privileged to be able to help others see themselves for who they really are.

Invisibility can sometimes be a superpower in itself because it enables its users to help others through self-discovery and healing.

Where to find more information about Taylor Lorenz and her organization

If you would like to learn more about the work of Taylor Lorenz, you can visit her organization website.
The website is called Sacred Space and it provides information on both the organizations in which Taylor works and the organizations she has pastored. This is a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities through outreach programs and also provides education for churches on how to support people with disabilities.
To find more information about Taylor Lorenz, visit:
The site includes contact information for the person who manages all of the outreach programs for Sacred Space, as well as an archive of all the public events that have happened with regards to Disability Awareness Month.

Bottom line

: Invisibility is the ability to hide from other people.
When Taylor was a child, she wished she had the superpower of invisibility. Now, as an adult, she uses this power to help others see their true selves and live a life of justice and love in the world.

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