The third season of The Challenge All-Stars is currently airing on MTV as of September 11, 2018. The format of the series has remained mostly unchanged in the past two decades, with the exception of a few minor tweaks here and there. The Challenge has always been a high-stakes competition, and the seasons are never any different. The first two seasons of The Challenge All-Stars followed the original eight-episode format of the main series, with the same team of players competing against each other week after week. The All-Stars format has not changed significantly with regards to gameplay either. Participants are placed into teams, and they must compete against one another in physical, endurance, and obstacle challenges. The teams are often comprised of friends and past competitors, and some of them are virtual friends as well. With that in mind, where are the cast members of The Challenge All-Stars now? Read on to find out.

Shane Landeryou

Shane Landeryou is an American reality television personality, best known for his appearances in the MTV reality series The Challenge.
Landeryou first appeared on The Challenge in 2001, competing as a member of the A-Team. He went on to compete with and without his A-Team teammates throughout the remainder of his career.
In 2003, Shane led a team called Unfinished Business, consisting of himself and fellow All-Stars veterans Evelyn Smith, Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio, and Hunter Barfield. They won the 2003 season.
He competed with Bananas on Vendetta as well as Inferno 3: The Inferno Games.
On his fourth appearance on The Challenge (The Duel 2) in 2006, he was eliminated by teammate John ‘Johnny J’ Dovi during what would have been the final challenge of that season.
During season nine (The Gauntlet 3), he returned to compete in a game show against Chris Tamburello and Frank Sweeney at Redemption Island. Although he lost both challenges to Tamburello and Sweeney, they were forced to share the prize money between their two teams.
Landeryou also competed in Battle of the Exes II as part of Team Challenge Rivals along with former rival Johnny Bananas.
He made his 15th appearance on The Challenge All Stars in 2014 where he led Team Anarchy which included Emily Schromm and Wes Bergmann (who would go on to win that season). In a twist

Zach Nichols

Zach Nichols has been on many of the Challenge series. He was a competitor on Invasion of the Champions, had a cameo in Champs vs. Pros, and he won The Duel 2 with Zach Rance. When he’s not competing on The Challenge, Zach is working as a DJ and trainer. His fitness website is called BodySpace, which is an online community for bodybuilders.
To find out more about Zach and his whereabouts, visit his Instagram at znicholsphd.

Evelyn Ibáñez

Evelyn Ibáñez is a Puerto Rican singer and actress who earned her fame by competing on the third season of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. She has been in numerous films, including I Stand Alone, Bloodline, and Blindspotting. Evelyn was born in New York City to Nicaraguan parents and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her father is from Nicaragua and her mother is from Puerto Rico. Evelyn’s grandfather was a noted poet who wrote for the newspaper El Mundo.
Evelyn started her career as a dancer in the late 1990s, winning several awards for her dancing ability. In 2005, she released her debut studio album called “Evelyn.” It debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums Chart as well as number three on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums Chart. Evelyn also starred in five films during 2007-2008: A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, Bloodline, American Outlaws, One Last Thing… and Savage Grace II: Life Goes On

After being eliminated from The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons during Week 9 of Season 3, Evelyn signed with Maverick Records to release an album entitled “El Baile de la Vida,” which means “The Dance of Life” in Spanish. The record debuted at number two on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart and at number nine on Billboard’s Top 200 chart with over 10k copies sold within its first week.

Dear Maria Sorbello

You probably don’t remember me, but I was there when Johnny won his first Challenge. I was a fan at the time, and I had always been a fan of your work.
I reached out to you after your time on All-Stars and told you how much I admired your spirit and tenacity. You responded graciously, saying that you were happy to have been able to represent the Challenge in good faith.
I’m writing this letter to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me and for the show. You’re one of my favorite people on MTV, and I know that if it wasn’t for you being allowed back on The Challenge, we would be missing out on what is arguably the best thing about the series–the personal connection between players and fans.
Thank you so much for sticking with us through the years. We owe our fandom’s childhood memories to you, and we hope that you will stick around forever! Love always xoxo

Nelson Thomas

Nelson Thomas was a competitor on the third and fourth seasons of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. He is currently a Marine Corps veteran and married father of five, with two children.
Nelson is also a member of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel as well as an author for Men’s Fitness magazine.

Wes Bergmann

Wes Bergmann was a competitor on The Challenge: Vendettas, where he finished in third place. He is currently competing in the third season of The Challenge All-Stars, which airs on MTV.
#Caleb Tull

Caleb Tull competed on the first two seasons of The Challenge All-Stars and finished in second place during his rookie season. He is currently competing on the third season of The Challenge: Vendettas, which aired its finale episode last Thursday, September 13th.
#Jenna Compono

Jenna Compono competed on the first two seasons of The Challenge All-Stars and finished fifth overall during her rookie season. She is currently competing in the third season of The Amazing Race, which airs on CBS as of September 24th.
#Chamique Holdsclaw
Chamique Holdsclaw was a competitor for seven seasons during her stint with the main series before she was eliminated from The Challenge: Battle Of Champions, after losing to Sarah Rice in an elimination round-robin battle royale challenge at the show’s final elimination ceremony. She is still competing on various other reality shows and has also joined up with Moxie as a brand ambassador and executive producer (Chamique also has her own clothing line).
#Nelson Thomas Jr
Nelson Thomas Jr competed on three seasons of the main series before he was eliminated from Battle Of Champions Episode 2, where he lost to

Abram Conlon

Abram Conlon is a contestant from The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II. Abram competed on this season with his girlfriend, Nia Moore. They were eliminated in episode six and went on to win the show later that season, earning $150,000. Abram has since graduated from college and is working as an account manager at Apple.

Jenna Compono

Jenna Compono is a former competitor on The Challenge: Rivals II and one of the most iconic females in the entire series’ history. She’s also a current cast member on Battle of the Seasons on MTV, which she was a contestant on during her time on The Challenge. Her last appearance came during the third season of All-Stars in 2013.

Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas is one of the most iconic players to ever compete on the show. He’s been a competitor in every season of The Challenge, spanning from Seasons 1 to 18 (he was absent for Season 19). He’s also the only player to win The Challenge with an undefeated record in his first seven seasons. In Season 3, Johnny Bananas has a chance to go even further than he already has by winning this season as well.

Elroy Garrett

Elroy Garrett was the runner-up of The Challenge 3. He is a former pro football player and now an entrepreneur who has founded several businesses, including the construction company Gilmore Builders.

Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson was a contestant on the third season of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. He competed as part of a team led by Drake Kosinski. Although he did not place in the final standings, Shane Robinson developed close relationships with many players on his team during the competition. His team was eventually defeated by one run, and the two friends ended up switching teams to compete against one another in subsequent seasons.
In 2016, Shane Robinson came back for the sixth season of The Challenge alongside his teammate Johnny Bananas who was also from Battle of the Seasons and won that season. Their team ultimately lost once again in a close run-off against Cory Wharton and Tony Raines’ team at the final challenge.
As a result, Shane Robinson has not competed in televised Challenges since 2016.

The Challenge All-Stars Season 3 Cast – Where are they now?

Many of the All-Stars have gone on to have successful careers in different fields. Some of the cast members are still actively competing on The Challenge, while others focus on their professional career.

Camila Nakagawa – Camila currently competes in her third season as a member of Team Vendetta, which is made up of past competitors from Seasons 28 and 29. Camila won Season 28 with Johnny Bananas and has been a part of his teams since then.

Johnny Bananas – Johnny is still competing on The Challenge, most recently winning Season 34 with teammate Wes Bergmann and Shauvon Torres. He is also one of the main hosts for MTV’s High School Reunion show.

Nigel McGuinness – Nigel retired from competition at the end of last season, but he is still hosting Challenge events as well as appearing on other shows like Big Brother UK. Nigel has also started on a new career as a professional poker player after spending 20 years in competition for MTV.

Juelia Kinney – Juelia retired from competition following an ankle injury during the second week of Season 32 and now works as an actress and model. She will be starring in her own reality series premiering later this year that follows her personal life outside of the show she was famous for being apart from every day life, including therapy sessions and adoption preparation.

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