With the first game of the playoffs set, the Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Pelicans are ready to fight for their right to be crowned as the best team in their respective conferences. The first round matchup between these two teams is also labeled as ‘The Most Unfair Game’ because of its circumstances. With both teams being solid on defense and having balanced offenses, this game has everything that makes a playoff series so important.
Perennial underdogs, the Pelicans ended up making the playoffs this season after finishing with the worst record in their conference last year. While they did not have much success during the regular season, a hot shooting from their guards helped them win three games against Portland in the first round of the playoffs. Let’s check out some key insights into how you can keep up with this series in order to do well if you play it yourself:

Phoenix Suns

vs New Orleans Pelicans
The Suns and the Pelicans have very similar styles, leading to an even playing field in this series. The Suns are known for their outside shooting, while the Pelicans are all about posting up and defending. Both teams will be looking to dominate on defense, as well as capitalize off of their advantages when scoring points. However, this series is one that could possibly come down to who can outscore the other. In order to make it into the next round of the playoffs, Phoenix needs to keep the ball rolling on offense and only allow a certain number of shots.
It’s going to be a tight game throughout with great matchups galore between players like DeMarcus Cousins and Devin Booker. With everything you need to know heading into this first game, it makes perfect sense why this matchup is named ‘The Most Unfair Game’.
If you want to learn more about what you should do before or during a game against another team in your league, then check out these helpful tips from Yahoo Sports: https://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba-suns-vs-new-orleans-pelicans-most-unfair-game-124831165–nba.html

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans have a strong defense, but they need to improve their shooting in order to make a run at the NBA championship. The Pelicans were able to shoot an impressive .451 from the three-point line during the playoffs, which was good for second place in the league. They also shot .369 on field goals overall and averaged 117 points per game.
The Pelicans are led by Jrue Holiday’s stellar performance of 20.2 points and 10 assists per game. However, his shooting numbers are not as impressive as one might expect with his ball-handling skills—Holiday shot only .407 from the field last season, with 44% coming from three-pointers. If they can get more consistency from Holiday, they will be able to win more games than last year’s record indicates.
New Orleans is led by Anthony Davis who has proven that he is one of the most talented young players in the league. He is a force on offense and defense, averaging 22 points and 11 rebounds per game this season. His shooting percentage is even better than Holiday’s at .432 for this season—a testament to Davis’ ability on offense and defense.

Series Tips:

1. The Pelicans are not a defensive team, so you should target Phoenix’s guards and wings with your shots
2. Phoenix is going to have the ball most of the time in this game, so it’s important for you to find some open space and knock down shots from deep
3. The Suns make up for their lack of defense by having an aggressive offense that helps them score points fast
4. This game is going to get wild, so keep your head on a swivel and know where everyone is on the court

Game Notes:

– The Pelicans are favored to win this series but the Suns have a shot
– The Pelicans have a good chance at winning this game because of their shooting
– You can use this game to your advantage by betting on the Pelicans to win
– If you’re betting on the Suns, it’s best to bet on them in Game 2

Stats To Know:

The Pelicans have a defense that’s at the top of the league. They are allowing only 97 points per game and forcing an average of 17.7 turnovers per game.
New Orleans is also up against Phoenix- they’ve won 14 out of their last 15 games, during which they’ve only lost one contest.
► The Suns have a team that’s scoring 109 points per game and leading the league in 3-pointers made with 624 this season.
► New Orleans is shooting 39% from the field and 31% from behind the arc as a team.
► Phoenix is shooting 43% from beyond the arc and 40% from inside the arc.
► The Pelicans average 0.88 steals per game, while Phoenix averages 1.49 steals per game

Who To Play And Who Should Be Dropped?

While the Pelicans are at home and have the advantage, this is not a game to play while you’re still getting used to the NBA Playoffs. The Suns are a team that has been playing well throughout the season and had success in their first round matchup against Memphis. With the Pelicans being at home and having the more offensively-oriented players on their team, it would be best to start with them being your starting point guard or shooting guard. While we know New Orleans has an edge over Phoenix in this series, betting on Phoenix for an upset win could be a profitable option.
If you believe that these two teams will just be too evenly matched for one of them to emerge victorious, then tossing up a coin could be a good way to go about it.

Key Stats:

The Pelicans are hosting, so they have the home court advantage
The Pelicans have been averaging 1.19 points per possession in the postseason with a defensive rating of 109.2
The Suns, on the other hand, are averaging 1.05 points per possession with a defensive rating of 104.7 and they’re playing in front of their home crowd

Key Players and Bench Mobbing Strategies.

What makes this series so important is the balanced offense of both teams. For example, the Suns have an overall scoring average of 118.5 points per game and a field goal percentage of 47.6 percent, while the Pelicans have an overall scoring average of 117.9 points per game and a field goal percentage of 46.1percent In addition to these stats, the Pelicans feature one of the strongest benches in basketball with players like E’Twaun Moore, Solomon Hill and Alexis Ajinca all contributing to their team’s success.

Final Words

The Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Pelicans are two teams at the top of their respective conferences that have a lot going for them. While both teams have solid defenses and balanced offenses, one thing is clear: this game has everything that makes a playoff series so important. The first round matchup between these two teams is also labeled as ‘The Most Unfair Game’ because of its circumstances, which is why it’s important to stay up to date on how things are going in order to win if you play it yourself.

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