In life, we meet a lot of people. Some of them may be great friends who share the same interest and are always there for you. However, there are also those who may not be so nice. They could be distant relatives or even just acquaintances that you don’t really get along with. Regardless of how you feel about them, all people have a place in this world and that is why there are so many interactions with them every day. Thanks to the English language, we have an abundance of word endings that allow us to create new words with the same base as an existing one. For example, the word ‘air’ has the ending ‘-er’ which means it ends in air; therefore, by adding another -er to air (the existing ending) we can create another word ending which is –ist (meaning someone who does something). This lists contains some of the top words that have double endings like


-ist: A person who practices a certain political ideology, especially one advocating for democracy
-ism: A doctrine, belief, or school of thought that holds that its tenets should be applied in all aspects of life
-ism: A belief or practice existing in a particular culture or society
-ist: Someone who is involved with a particular art form or field
-ism: The principles and practices of an artform












: Someone who does writing
Writer: Someone who does writing

Computer Programmer

Business Analyst
E-commerce Expert
Data Scientist
Marketing Manager
Database Administrator

Research Engineer

A research is an analysis of the behaviors, needs, and desires of a population. A research engineer is someone who designs, plans, studies, and conducts research to make sure that a design meets those needs.


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