When you fly any time, the first thing that crosses your mind is probably clean air. Flying is the second most polluting activity after cooking, and most of us don’t even think about how dirty it can be until we step onto a plane.
One of the biggest contributors to smog and other unhealthy air in our cities is transportation. Cars and trucks spew out noxious gases when operating, so many people are moving towards greener means of transportation like trains and buses. This is where airlines come in as well to spread us all over the country and world. Luckily, this also brings benefits on both ends, as we get to enjoy cleaner air as well as ride comfortably on flights.
Unfortunately, airplanes are one of the worst places for germs to thrive due to lack of airflow circulation along with high humidity levels inside an airplane cabin. This causes several kinds of infections and diseases to flourish, which leads many people to wear masks when flying commercial airlines these days. This blog article will explain the reasons why you should wear a mask while flying with United Airlines, along with some dos and don’ts that you should follow so you don’t attract any unwanted attention from fellow passengers or flight attendants!

United Airlines: Why wear a mask while flying?

United Airlines flies more than any other airline, so they have a lot of experience in terms of transporting people and staying healthy on flights. United Airlines has put together some useful tips to help you stay healthy while flying with them.
Here are a few reasons why you should wear a mask on United Airlines flights:
1) You want to protect yourself from germs and diseases that can be spread through the air.
2) The masks also help block out any potentially harmful particles from foreign countries that may cause harm if inhaled.
3) The masks help reduce the risk of suffering an allergic reaction from bad air quality inside the cabin.
4) With the masks on, you don’t attract any unwanted attention from fellow passengers or flight attendants!

United Airlines: Dos and Don’ts

for Flying
Do wear a mask when you’re already feeling sick.
This is probably the easiest tip out of the bunch, as wearing a mask will help you avoid getting sick on your flight. It’s also important to note that it’s not just your face that needs protection from germs, but your hands and other areas of skin. Wearing a mask can help keep these areas clean and healthy.
Don’t forget to wash your hands after using the bathroom!
It may be tempting to hop into the bathroom with no worries, but when leaving the plane and reentering public space, it’s best to remember to wash your hands before touching anything else. This includes your phone or tablet screen! Even if you’re not feeling sick, it’s good practice to always wash your hands when stepping off an airplane or out of any public building before touching anything else. You should also remember to wash up before going through security at any airport, whether you’re carrying food or not.

Which brand of mask is best for flying with United Airlines?

One of the most important things to remember when flying is to wear a mask. Wearing a mask while flying is important because there’s no air circulation and the humidity levels inside an airplane cabin can cause your skin to break out in hives, itchiness, or rashes. The most common brand of masks are from Respirologie, which are easy to use and very comfortable to wear. You can purchase them online for about $10 for the pack of 3, or you can buy one piece with a price tag of about $14.
The best time to wear your mask is when you don’t have anything bulky or big on your face that could prevent it from fitting well on you. Make sure you have enough space around your nose so that it doesn’t obstruct your breathing system as well as near your mouth so you can effectively breath while wearing it. After all, that’s what the mask is meant to do!

If you don’t fly often, you should definitely wear a mask when you fly!

If you don’t fly often, the best way to keep yourself healthy when flying is simply to wear a mask. You will be able to breathe a lot easier and avoid some of the most common germs like colds and flu. If you travel frequently, it is best that you invest in a good mask that filters out harmful particles and smells.
In addition, if you fly often, it is important to choose your mask wisely. Avoid masks that are not specifically designed for planes because they won’t work as well when you are on an airplane. The better masks have been tested to ensure their effectiveness so they can filter out different types of particles like smoke or chemicals.
Another thing to consider while buying your mask is size. Ideally, the mask should be able to cover your nose and mouth (and ideally your eyes as well) so that you can breathe easily throughout the flight. Some masks also come with adjustable straps so it will fit any size head or face!


This article provides a great overview of when you should and shouldn’t wear a mask while flying with United Airlines.

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