It’s rare that a reality TV star becomes a household name, let alone one of the most famous people in the world. The Kardashians are one such success story. From humble beginnings as a family of aspiring artists to the powerhouse brand they are today, it seemed like there would be no stopping them. However, their rise to fame has been bumpy at times and this particular road is anything but smooth for them.
If you watch any show about the Kardashians, chances are you’ve seen footage of them in court. It may not seem like something you’d notice unless you do so frequently, but seeing them come in and out of various hearings can become routine very quickly. With that being said, here are five reasons why the Kardashian sisters have been appearing in court as much as they have recently:

The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Lawsuit

First of all, we have the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lawsuit. The suit began with a relatively innocent tweet from Kim that was sent to her husband’s personal assistant in early December 2015. Kanye allegedly found out about the tweet and fired his assistant before the month was over and filed a defamation suit against Kim for $10 million.
The problem with this lawsuit is that it’s difficult to prove whether or not tweets were defamatory when they are so public and there are so many of them. In addition, if someone you know is suing you, your entire life becomes fair game.
Not only did Kim file counter-claims against Kanye in response to being sued, but she also had lawyers file claims on her behalf against him for stealing meetings with the Kardashians’ management company.

The Trademark Battle

The Kardashians are currently in court with two companies that they claim are infringing on their trademarks. The first is to fight against a company called Myspace, the second is against because they allegedly sold a large quantity of fake items with the Kardashian name on them. Both cases have taken up much of their time recently as they have tried to defend their brand as well as invest in further protection for it.
The trademark battle pales in comparison to the Myspace case, but it’s still significant for the Kardashians and their brand. As stated in a recent article from Forbes, “Kardashian’s success can be traced back to her clothing line, which was initially called Dash by Kardashian when she launched her clothing line in 2005. It became Dash Designs by 2007 and then Dash Styles by 2008.”
That’s why this trademark battle matters so much for them—they put their money down where their mouth is and want to protect what they started with great intentions. They’re also fighting off these claims being made by people who aren’t even following them any more and instead trying to sell all kinds of knock-offs on Amazon.

Reputation Management

The Kardashians have a reputation to manage. While the family is famous for their reality TV show and personal lives, they need to ensure that their image remains squeaky clean. They are typically involved in lawsuits for civil matters or defamation of character. For example, Kim Kardashian was sued after she made comments about a hospital where she had given birth.
This is likely because the Kardashians are regularly targeted by people who want to take them down with negative press. The key is not just managing their own reputation, but also managing that of those around them. If someone makes false claims about them, they will want to ensure that justice prevails and those making those claims are held accountable for what they’ve done.

Their Business Interests

The Kardashians have become a household name because of their business interests. There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining the Kardashian brand, which is why they’ve had to do it in court. Being in court so much has allowed them to keep up their image and keep their company afloat despite scandals like their latest one: Kylie Jenner’s lip-shading fiasco.
Kardashian’s are in court because they want to protect their brand. They are also in court because Kylie has roughly $900 million riding on her as she continues to grow her cosmetics empire, and she doesn’t want anyone else trying to infringe on her success.
In many cases, the Kardashians may be sued for defamation by someone who believes they are falsely claiming someone has done something wrong, or that they have done something wrong themselves. The Kardashians might also be sued if they have been involved in any kind of litigation with anyone else. When you’re as famous as the Kardashians, almost everyone is going to come at them with something sooner or later and the best way for them to defend themselves is through legal means

Custody Battles

The Kardashian sisters have been going through a lot of turmoil in their personal and professional lives, with several high-profile custody battles. The Kardashians have dealt with a lot of drama from their family, who have been involved in multiple scandals.
In the past, the Kardashians had to go through many trials; for example, Kris Jenner was caught up in a scandal about not telling her children about Bruce’s affair with Khloe. The Kardashians are also dealing with some legal problems at the moment. Kylie was charged for stealing a lip kit from her own makeup brand.
It’s hard for people to see beyond the fame and glamour of these reality stars but when you look at what they stand for it’s no wonder why they’re so often in court. They are taking on more drama than any other celebrity and it’s hard not to be inspired by them!

Oft-Repeated Legal Issues

The Kardashian sisters have been on many reality TV shows and they’ve seen their fair share of legal issues. Whether it’s finding themselves in the middle of a scandal related to money, drugs, or other things like that, the Kardashians have found themselves in court for a reason or another. So, when you see them out and about at various appearances, it may just be because they have something to say about their latest legal situation.

Bottom line

: The Kardashians are in court because they have a lot to lose
The sisters are constantly in the limelight and that has its benefits but it also comes with its struggles. One of the biggest things they have to worry about is their public image – they’ve spent years building it up and fighting for it. This is why seeing them come in and out of various hearings can become routine very quickly.
With so much at risk, you can bet the Kardashians want to protect themselves as best as possible. Their team of lawyers ensures that the Kardashians make sound decisions for their long-term future and safety.

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